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Eastern European Sales Engineer

Albright International is a privately owned company founded in 1946 which has been successfully operated by three family generations. This company operates from our Head Office at Whitchurch in the South of England. Albright owns factories in China, UK and Lithuania as well as sales offices in Japan, France and Germany.

Albright Lithuania was established in October 2008 as an extension of Albright’s manufacturing capability. Albright Lithuania is located in Klaipeda, the seaport of Lithuania, enabling the easy shipment of goods throughout Europe. It is a fully self-sufficient, modern factory designed to replicate operations and standards as in the UK and is equipped with the latest product facilities and advanced inspection technology.

Take on the challenge and play a key role in supporting the Lithuania factory. Your main duties will be:

- Establishing new and maintain existing relationships with customers, combining sales skills with technical knowledge;
- Searching for new clients/markets for our products in a designated region;
- Travelling to visit potential clients (which will involve nights away from home);
- Managing and interpreting customer requirements, and providing in consultation with Albrights Technical team suitable solutions;
- Persuading clients that our product will best satisfy their needs;
- Working with clients to specify our products and the most cost effective solution for their application;
- Liaising with members at head office to arrange quotation and delivery support;
- Offering after-sales support and services;
- Analysing costs, quotations and sales;
- Preparing reports and market information for head office;
- Recording and maintaining client contact data for head office;
- Co-ordinating and manning exhibitions;
- Attending trade shows, conferences and other trade events;
- Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product will meet client requirements.

Įmonė siūlo:
Join the global family of Albright. We would be glad to offer you:

- Constant interesting business trips to different cities of Europe;
- A development focused international company with variety of challenging and compelling tasks;
- Opportunity to grow in informal style of communication and management environment that is constantly looking for great team players and leaders to take;
- Participation in the development of solutions that increase business productivity.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join this well respected company during this exciting period of growth.
If you feel you have the skills and experience to become their next Sales Engineer please Apply now!
In case, if you have questions concerning this position feel free to contact me:)
Apie darbo pasiūlymą:
We’re looking for a proactive team player who has: <br> <br>- An experience and background in electromechanical industrial products is a necessity. Specific involvement with contactors and relays is of benefit; <br>- Suitable education standard for Technical Sales of Electrical components; <br>- Languages to include English and preferably Russian; <br>- A proven track record in Technical Sales and knowledge of the DC battery power sector; <br>- Worked with markets that include Electric Vehicle, Telecom, Marine and Automotive sectors, although a full experience in these distinctive markets is not necessary. Expertise in at least one of these areas would be an advantage.
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UAB "Atrankos"
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Ieškote darbuotojų? <br>Ieškote darbo? <br> <br>ČIA SUSITINKA DARBDAVYS IR DARBUOTOJAS <br> <br>SUSISIEKIME! <br> <br> <br>Tapkite Facebook draugais: <br>bei gaukite naujienas apie laisvas darbo vietas LinkedIn: <br> <br> <br>Kontaktiniai asmenys: Julija - 8 631 33360
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Ieškomas elektronikos remonto specialistas gebantis remontuoti buitinę, audio/video techniką.
Elektronikos projektavimo ir gamybos įmonei reikalingas technikas/inžinierius. Darbo pobūdis: Elektroninių schemų surinkimas, projektavimas (pagal sugebėjimus), derinimas, prototipų kūrimas ir litavimas (periodiškai). Gali būti paskutinių kursų studentas. Įmonė siūlo: Sutartinį darbo užmokestį.
BALDŲ PROJEKTAVIMAS IR JŲ DETALIZAVIMAS Pareigos: Baldų projektavimas ir jų gamybos proceso valdymas. Darbo vieta: Klaipėdos m. Darbas visą darbo dieną.
Reikalingas serviso pamainos meistras tarptautinių pervežimų įmonėje Privalumas techninis -aukštasis išsilavinimas. Patirtis sunkiojo transporto remonto srityje. skambinti darbo valandomis tel +37069840078,+370 64028870 siusti cv

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