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Alpinestars Challenger 2pc

Sveiki, parduodu visiskai nauja ir nedeveta alpinestars challenger dvieju daliu kombinezona. Pirktas Suzuki moto parduotuveje Vilniuje, yra cekis. Kombinezono dydis 58.
Tinka apie 194cm ugio ir 100kg zmogui.
Spalva juoda, kaip ir nuotraukose.

Durable, premium 1.3 leather main construction for superb abrasion resistance and comfort.
Multi-panel, body-mapped construction featuring strategically positioned poly-fabric accordion and stretch panels on arms, elbows and crotch for excellent contoured fit.
Leather accordion stretch panels on knees and lumbar rear for a convenient and close fit in various riding positions, plus accordion ploy-fabric stretch inserts on back and elbows for enhancing movement.
Integrated PE foam padding on chest, hips, coccyx and back for improved comfort fit and additional protection in key areas.
Track-developed 3D multi-panel knee construction with removable and adjustable PU sport knee sliders.
CE-certified, internal protectors on shoulders and elbows offer class-leading impact protection.
One-piece, CE-certified GP-R internal knee, tibia and shin protectors feature a floating construction for versatile and precise fit.
Anatomically profiled external TPR shoulder protection for abrasion resistance.
Multiple snap-button system for integration of Alpinestars CE-certified Bionic Back protector, which is available as an accessory.
Chest pad compartments with poly-foam padding (Alpinestars Bionic chest pads available as accessory).
Aerodynamic ventilated back-hump positioned with 3D mesh neck panel for excellent cooling.
Mesh liner for excellent comfort and ventilation.
External zippered pockets plus inner waterproof pocket for safe and convenient storage.
Innovative calf expansion gusset improves range of fit and riding comfort.
Velcro® and D-ring waist adjusters, plus full circumference waist zipper to safely and securely attach the Challenger Jacket or other Alpinestars leather jackets.
Comes in international sizes 48-60 (48-64 in Black).

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