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Pasirinkę miestą, galėsite pažymėti šalia esančius miestus pasirinktu atstumu (km).
Pasirinkę miestą, galėsite pažymėti šalia esančius miestus pasirinktu atstumu (km).
ID: 15894188
Atnaujintas gegužės 26, 2013
26370_ / 696
2.64 %
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dc901 kn
NAUJAS ( be bateriju )
36 voltu --- 550,-

viniakale dcn 690
nauja --- 1650,-

siaurapjuklis dcs331n
su 1 baterija 500,-
be baterijos 300,-

zeimeriukas dcs391n
be baterijos -- 400
su baterija 600,-

suktukas- graztas su kalimu galingas dcd985
3 greiciai 22 padetys
palydinti sviesele
2 baterijos 18v 4 ah
--- 850

siunciame i visus miestus NEMOKAMAI
Kaina: 159 €
Pardavėjo kontaktiniai duomenys nėra rodomi, nes skelbimas nebegalioja. Panašių skelbimų galite rasti kategorijoje Kita.
Panašūs skelbimai
Parduodame įvairius irankius (tik naujus) žemomis kainomis - Bosch, Metabo, Ferm, Makita. Visoms prekėms suteikiama garantija, atliekame ir po garantinį remontą. Skambinkite telefonu ir mes jums suteiksime išsamesnę informaciją apie visus modeliukus ir kainas - 868677661 Akumuliatorinis suktuvas BOSCH GSR 10,8-2 LI (L-boxx) 1,3 Akumuliatoriaus įtampa: 10,8 V Maks. sukimo momentas (kietas sujung.): 30 Nm Maks. sukimo momentas (tampr.sujung.): 13 Nm Sukimo momento pakopos: 20 + 1 Sūkių skaičius tuščiąja eiga: 0 - 350/ 1300 min-1 Maks. varžtų Ø: 7 mm Maks. gręžinio Ø medienoje: 30 mm Maks. gręžinio Ø pliene: 10 mm Masė su akumuliatoriumi: 0,95 kg Komplekte: 30 min. kroviklis AL 1130 CV , 2 x 1,3 Ah ličio jonų akumuliatoriai , lagaminas L-Boxx .
We are Manufacturer of Versa_Tool, AREX, Cutterman, Zigzag cutter, Cuttercraft and Versatool multi functional tools. About us: company Esmina UAB is a family company, established in 1996. We are manufacturing and wholesaling Company. The main activity field of the company since the very foundation has been the creation and manufacturing of innovative multi functional hand tools for trades (TV Shops, Video Promotion, Direct Sales, Demonstrators, Direct Mail and similar trades). Also we are wholesaler of various innovative products in Lithuania and Europe. Every tool made in our company undergoes a strict quality control. We are selling our products Worldwide. We would like to draw you attention to the fact that we can supply tools to our clients in customized colors, package labeling and packing design. Our prices can be based on EXW, FOB or CIP basic. Our trade marks: Arex, Cutterman, Cuttercraft, Versa_Tool, Versatool, Zigzag cutter, Araflex, Super, AREX, Domus. Other products: Rod saw, rodsaw, carbide gritted saw, diamant saw. Name of company: Esmina UAB Company VAT number: LT348321314 Address: Raudondvario pl. 76, LT-47182 Kaunas, Lithuania (Europe Union) Phone: +37037239613 Mobile: +37060604299 (General manager Mr. Aidas Karalkevicius) E-mail: made in Lithuania made in EU made in Europe Union sell buy parduodu parduoda perka perku pron skelbiu skelbti skelbimas skelbikas skelbimai olx plius alio noriu nokia TV Shop tvshop as seen on tv asseenontv HSE24 HSN in Amerika RTL-shop QVC market direct marketing agency association direct selling dma videopromotion video promotion post exhibitions conferences direct mail mail order online World Europe Union America Amerika Asia Australia South Africa USA Canada Kanada UK United Kingdom Great Britain England Scotland Wales Ireland Germany Deutschland France Spain Italy Austria Russia Ukraine Belarus Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Georgia Azerbaijan Moldova Armenia Poland Portugal Greece Netherlands Belgium Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Iceland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Lietuva Czech Slovakia Hungary Slovenia Serbia Croatia Albania Macedonia Bosnia Switzerland Luxembourg Bulgaria Romania Cyprus China Taiwan India Thailand Singapore Vietnam Thailand South Korea Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Turkey Egypt New Zealand Brasil Argentina Mexico Chile Uruguay Colombia Venezuela Japan Tunisia Israel Syria Iran Pakistan Jordan Marocco Algeria Lebanon International Multifunktionswerkzeug Description rapide un cutter multifonctions COUPE VERRE/CARRELAGE (céramique, grès, terre cuite vernissée, miroir, vitrage), carreaux, carreau, outil, outils, outil à main, poche, couteau, épée, poignarder, la coupe, la réduction, la coupure, le coup, la entaille, la incision, la compression, la récolte, la blessure, la part, le mélange, la balafre, le canal, la absence injustifié, la critique, le coupeur, le tailleur, le coupoir, le canot, le monteur, le graveur, la coupe, le découpage, la récolte, la greffe, le coupon, las coupure de journal, la marcotte, le partage, carreaux, coupant, tranchant, incisive, mordant, piquant, cinglant, comique Seis ruedas de glsss cortador de, cortador de t, cortador de vidrio t, empujar un cuchillo, de la mano la herramienta de diamante cortavidrios, círculo cortavidrios, pistones cortador de vidrio, de aceite- piensos cortavidrios, empujar un cuchillo, alicates de acristalamiento, vidrio de corte de carburo de ruedas, de vidrio pulido de ruedas, descriptores de diamante, taladros de diamante, herramientas de diamante, de la mano de succión levantador, tazas de succión, de aire de la bomba de succión tazas, las tazas del vacío, we son de vidrio profesional fabricante de herramientas que la fabricación y venta, we también puede producir sus productos según su petición en espec, cuchilla de diamante, Con 6 ruletas de corte, venderor, cortador de baldosas, vidrio y baldosas de corte, Laser Level, Lawn Mower Deck Washer, Leaf Eater Mulcher By Flowtron, Lint-B-Gone, Little Giant Ladder, Little Jumbo Safety Step, Lumb-R-Grip Hooks, Magna Hose 50 ft., MailGuard - Locking Mailbox, Margarator, Memory Foam Pet bed, Mighty Bite, Mighty Putty, Mosquito Power Trap, Mr. Flexx Flexible Flashlight, MXZ Saw, Neo Socket, One Second Plumber, ONGARD, Open It!, OpenX Duo, Orbitor Electronic Listening Device, Outdoor Screen Enclosure by Suncast, OxiClean Miracle Foam, Package Shark Pro, PakSeat , Patio Light , PatioTiles set of 12, Pedi Paws, Peek A Boo Bed, Perfect Plant Clips, PestFree Ultrasonic With Night Light 3-Pack, Pet Bed, Pet Brush Vacuum Attachment, Pet Food Mat, Pet N Dry Mitts, PetBrella, Point N Paint, Point N Paint Replacement Pads, Pool Shower Cabana, Poop Freeze, Popeil Pocket Fisherman, Pop-Up Conservatory, Presidential Knife Set, Quick Fill Pump, Quick Snap Sprinkler, Quik Cart, Rainforest Aluminum Tripod Sprinkler, Ready Strip Wallpaper Stripper, Real Wood - Antique White, Recycle Tote, ReelSmart Classic 100 Hose Reel, ReelSmart Classic 50 with Hose, Rejuvenate Auto Car Wash And Wax, Riddex Pet Collar, Riddex Pro, RoboMower, Rocket Fishing Rod Max Cast, Roll N Grow Olde English, Roll Out Grass, Roll-Away Hose 25FT, RootBlast, Rotator, Samuria Shark, Samurai shark, ScareCrow, Scat Mat Extension Mat, Shake Flashlight, Shake It Flashlight, Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper, Shed Ender, Shoulder Dolly, Shredder Scissors, Simoniz Liquid Diamond, Smart Light - 4 in 1 Light, Smokeless Car Ashtray, Snap Hook Value Pack, SnoStik, Snuggie for Dogs, Solar String Lights, Stainless Steel Solar Yard Lights, Super Bark Stop, Super Skamper Ramp, Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel, Tool Band-it, Tool Rack, Topsy Turvy, Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree, Touch N Bond, Multi-Purpose Adhesive, Trash Traveler, Trim & Cut Refill Blades 3 Pack, Twist Lok Drill And Drive System, Ultimate Awesome Auger, Ultimate Scrubber, Ultra Lawn Patch, Umbrella Table Screen, Urine Gone, Vinyl Floor And Tile Repair Kit Special Offer, Water Jet, WaterDog, Professional Weather Station, Weed Claw, Weed Thrasher, What Odor?, What-A-Saw Multipurpose Saw, Whirly Wash, Windshield Wonder, Winter Trax, Wiper Wizard, Wireless Alarm Security, Year Round Tomato, Zippity-Poo-Da, best offer worldwide. special offer Cutterman, Zigzag cutter, Zig Zag cutter, Arex, Cuttercraft, Versa_Tool, Versatool, Araflex, Super, AREX, Domus. Exporting worldwide already from 1996 year. Some interesting facts from Lithuania has an estimated population of 3.2 million as of 2011, and its capital and largest city is Vilnius, second largest city is Kaunas. GDP per capita $18,200 (2010). 50 % of the population speaks two foreign languages.
Parduodame kotines frezas metalui ir medžiui apdirbti.
Parduodame rifliuotus peilius 40;50;60;70;80mm.pločio,650mm ilgio

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