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Pioneer Dv 717. Kaip naujas

Auksinės spalvos CD/DVD grotuvas Pioneer DV 717.
Įdomus orig. pultas.
Stovis kaip naujo (tiek grotuvo, tiek pulto).
Gerai skaito ir įrašytus CD.
96 kHz/24-bit Audio Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion.
Optinis, coaxialinis ir net 2-u analoginiai (RCA) garso išėjimai.
Dolby Digital (digital output), MPEG Audio (Digital Output), DTS (Digital Theater System) (Digital Output).
Palaiko PAL ir NTSC.
Made in Japan.

96 kHz/24-bit Audio Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion - combines hi-bit expansion technology with Legato Link for even more natural sound. By transcending the limits imposed by the CD format, Pioneers Wide-Range Technology is capable of reproducing the expansion and presence of a sound very close to the original, with more realism and all the delicate nuances intact.

Twin Wave Laser Pickup - A high-precision Twin Wave Laser Pickup is used to read out signals from the disc. It features two laser diodes - one with a 650 mm wavelength for DVD, and the other with 780 mm for CD and Video CD. Since the optimum wavelength is automatically selected and used for each format, data is read with the highest precision. Pioneers unique mechanism also allows playback of CD-R discs.

10-bit Video D/A Converter (DVD/VCD) - Conversion of digital 8-bit DVD-Video data to analogue data can degrade Y (luminance) and C (chrominance) colour signals. In this way, playback, if unmodified, can distort picture colour. Pioneer D/A conversion upgrades 8-bit Y/C signal data to 10-bit data to maintain data integrity and reproduce images that are truer to the DVD source.

Accurate Digital Servo with Automatic Jitter Adjustment (DVD) - ensures superior tracing stability for ultra-precise data signal reading. Plus automatically adjusts focus servo and tracking servo gain levels to minimise jitter at all times during playback.

Viterbi RF Decoding Process (DVD) - applies sophisticated parametric statistical analysis to improve correction of data errors caused by fingerprints and dust on discs, as well as warped discs
Video DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) (DVD/VCD).

Horizontal Sharpness (DVD/VCD) - The control circuit enhances horizontal contours, which adds crispness to the smallest details for an even sharper image.

Block Filter (DVD/VCD) - Because the data compression process can add block noise, Pioneers Block Filter diffuses the noise to provide a more smooth and natural overall picture. It cleverly works on the noisy part of the picture only, for improved efficiency.

Kaina: 85 €

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