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Sausų skiedinių maišyklė m-tec D20

D20 – the solid building site mixer.
Mixer D20 is a robust allrounder for processing dry mortar products with a granularity of up to 4 mm. It is the bestselling mixer in this class and, depending on the version, rationalizes the processing of decorative renders, bricklaying mortar or fine concrete.

The 230V version specializes in the processing of decorative renders and thus is fitted with the versatile standard mixing chamber with plain bearing. It is also available in a 400V version which shows its prowess in the processing of heavy materials such as bricklaying mortar or fine concrete. In this case the ball bearing-mounted fine concrete mixing chamber is used.

The D20 is filled with bagged material as standard and offers impressively homogenous blending. The large material container is perfect for building sites.

The clear layout of the controls means that the system is extremely intuitive. As is typical of all m-tec systems, the D20 has easy and quick to use connector systems that enable important elements, such as the mixing chamber or mixer motor, to be replaced in just a few seconds.
D20 – added benefits
Easy Use
Well-organized controls, easy dismantling and maintenance combine to make the D20 very easy to handle.

Easy Life
Tried-and-tested solid steel components ensure a long service life and easy maintenance.
D20 – facts
Areas of use and applications
All dry mortars, such as:

Reinforcing mortar and adhesive mortar
Finishing plasters
Lime gypsum plasters

Cement plasters
Lime plasters
Lime cement plasters
Bricklaying mortar
Fine concrete
220V 400V
Standard delivery volume: approx. 20 l/min
(depending on the transport and mixing shaft)
Drive motor: 2.2 kW, 230V, 50 Hz
Electrical connection: 230V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
Fuse: 16 A 10 A
Connecting cable: 3 x 2.5 mm²
Connector: Domestic socket/ 16 A, 5p, 6h
Water supply: 3/4“ water hose with GEKA coupling, required water pressure/min. 2.5 bar while the machine is running
Dimensions: approx. 1700 x 700 x 1,000 mm
Weight: approx. 90 kg

* Other voltages on request
Scope of delivery
Continuous mixer incl. mixer motor, water fittings, transport screw and mixing shaft.
For details please contact your local sales representative or dealer.
Recommended accessories
Water pump
Filter cap
Feeding cap
Insulating plaster mounting to increase the size of the material container
Tarpaulin for material container

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