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LAB.GRUPPENs iP 2100 is a two-channel, 1050 watts power amplifier designed for 19" rack mounting.

2 x 425 W into 8 ohms
2 x 700 W into 4 ohms
2 x 1050 W into 2 ohms
at clip level with both channels driven

Increased current capacity
Lab.gruppens well proven copper cooler system, the Intercooler® technology, has been further developed to decrease the chip temperature. Together with the latest semiconductor technology, Lab.gruppen has created a number of very compact and powerful output units.
Multiple position Gain switch
To meet the demands for a flexible gain structure in the system, Lab.gruppen offers a multiple position gain switch. The maximum amplifier gain can be selected among all industry standard settings 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38 and 41 dB.
Versatile inputs connection possibility
With the Neutrik Combo-jack we offer both the professional XLR-type standard and the semi-pro TRS phono-jacks. For installations the three pin Phoenix terminal block can be handier.
Dust filter on the front panel
The best cooling is achieved by front to back cooling. To avoid stuffing the amplifier and their racks with dust, a removable dust filter clip has been placed on the front panel.
Easy reading LED-indicators
The yellow protect lamp indicate a shut down caused by short circuit, over temperature or high frequency protection. The red Clip lamp indicates severe clipping. The green signal present lamp turns on already at –40 dB below full level. This makes it easier to troubleshoot the cabling and system.
Soft Start
Toroidal transformers require a huge amount of start current to build up a magnetic flux when the amplifier is switched on. In the models with over 450 watts per channel ( iP 1350 and iP 2100) we have included a soft start circuit to minimize the risk of blowing the wall fuse and to reduce the flickering in the lighting.
The iP 2100 is completely short-circuit protected. The iP 2100 is equipped with LAB.GRUPPENs Adaptive Limiting System(tm) short circuit protection, which permits very high peak-currents, but still holds the transistors within the so-called "Safe Operation Area" at the present operating voltage. This makes it possible to run loudspeakers with impedance variations, which are considerably lower than the lowest permitted impedance of the power amplifier.

Six more protection circuits, which are separate for each channel, protect the iP 2100 and the loudspeakers:

Two DC protections one DC current limitation protection, supplemented with fuses on each DC voltage power supply rail and one DC voltage protection of Crowbar type, which works by short-circuiting the output to protect the load.

Thermal protection prevents the iP 2100 from being overheated. The temperature indicators on the front panel are switched on, as a warning, before the protection occurs.

AC protection shuts down the output if the line voltage is outside the operation voltage of the iP 2100.

VHF protection(Very High Frequency) protects the loudspeakers against strong non-musical signals above the audible area.

Clip limiter prevents severly clipped wavforms from reaching the loud-speakers, but maintains full peak power.

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