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    Anglas Alchemist La5000 ir Kenwood Ls-p5000x

    Anglas Alchemist La5000 ir Kenwood Ls-p5000x

    Parduodu idealiai veikiantį stiprintuvą, nuotraukos tikros, yra nuotolinio valdymo pultas, naudoju apie 2 metus, su dviem toriodinem ritėm viduje (labai sunkus) idealus 5.1 namų kino sistemai, nors puikia veikia Stereo rėžimu. Parvežtas iš UK, todėl uždėtas EU kištukas. Sutepti potenciometrai. 110€ Taip pat parduodu gero stovio Japoniškas garso koloneles KENWOOD LS-P5000X 8ohm 150€ info matoma paskutinėje foto Info kurią radau internete: Alchemist LA5000 digital sound processing amplifier LA5000 Specifications: Output Power (RMS) -Standard Stereo (20-20KHz, 0.1%THD 6ohm) 2x100W -Surround (20-20KHz, 0.1%THD 6ohm) 3x80W Total Harmonic Distortion: All channel 85dB Frequency Respondence: All channel 20Hz-20kHz +0.5, -0.5dB Input Sensitivity/Impedance Line in 0.707v/51kohm Speaker impedance Recommended impedance 6-8ohm The Separation Degree All Channel 45dB Dimenssions 43X36X16cm Power AC 220-240V AC ~ 50Hz Max power consumption 300W Powerful amplifier delivers high wattage across all channels.The LA5000 comes complete with an impressive 100Watts across the main front, stereo channels. Meanwhile, the centre and rear effects channels are powered by 80Watts of amplification. Fully featured component. Not only does the LA5000 embrace compact disc, tuner and auxiliary component audio inputs, but it also features video inputs for DVDs and a 5.1 connection for sources with on-board decoders. Elsewhere, youll find an output for an active subwoofer, tone controls, variable display modes and surround sound channel volume level adjusters. Remarkably easy to set up and use. Stylish and substantial design. The LA5000 boasts an elegant, thick silver aluminium fascia and large, clear display. Together with the substantial casing these combine to give the LA5000 an air of solidity and dependability.
    110 €
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