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Arcam CD grotuvas

* Aukštos klasės Arcam DiVACD192 grotuvas, pagamintas Anglijoje, geros būklės, komplekte - originalus pultelis, galima perklausa. CD grotuvas pirktas Lietuvoje. Kaina 310 eur.
http://www.whathifi.com/arcam/diva-cd192/review Whathifi 5 stars įvertinimas (Best CD player £700-£1000)
http://www.arcam.co.uk/ugc/tor/diva-cd-192-cd-player/User%20Manual/cd192e_manual.pdf aprašymas anglų kalba


The high performance Arcam CD192 is built around Arcams new state of the art upsampling multi-DAC module. Arcam has a long and distinguished history of getting the best out of CD replay and the CD192 represents a significant advance in sound quality, making it one of the finest CD players on the market today. The player excels at bringing out low-level detail from the music and has a wonderfully deep and stable soundstage. The DAC module is designed using the best audiophile grade components, including an Analog Devices sample rate converter, four top of the range Wolfson DACs and a four-layer fibreglass printed circuit board (PCB). Considerable use is made of modern surface mounted components, while the extra PCB layers ensure the best possible layout and allow grounding to be optimised. In order to extract all of the fine detail and depth of sound absent from many other high-end designs, the CD192 uses sophisticated design techniques to ensure that factors such as clock accuracy and jitter, power supplies, digital filters and audio output stages are all optimised. Used in conjunction with a top quality amplifier, such as Arcams award-winning A90, the CD192 can deliver a stunning musical performance to satisfy the most demanding listeners.

Internal construction is to a very high standard and audiophile quality parts are used in all critical signal areas. The all-metal case design is both compact and stylish. All Arcam CD players come with a custom designed remote control, which also allows you to control the volume level of matching Arcam amplifiers in the range. The players are simple to use and the full function remote handset can access features like 20 track programming, memory, repeat and display on/off. These CD players support CD Text, where present on a disc, and can replay most audio CD-R and CD-RW discs. For easy recording and multi-room use, all models provide both optical and digital co-axial outputs as well as two pairs of line level analogue connections.

The performance of the DiVA CD73 and CD192 compact disc players confirm just how far Arcam has come in defining the high level of sound quality available from this well established replay medium. Arcam has made award winning CD players since 1987 and we have spent many years improving their audio performance. The various DiVA players launched since then have ensured Arcams market leading position has been maintained into the 21st Century. The CD73 is the entry-level DiVA CD player from Arcam, superseding the award winning CD62 and CD72 models. The Burr Brown DAC used in the earlier models has been replaced by the remarkable WM8740 multi bit sigma delta DAC from Wolfson Microelectronics, which has the lowest noise and distortion figures we have ever seen. This 24-bit, 192kHz capable DAC is also used in Arcams DVD players and top of the line FMJ AV processor. Proven Sony parts are used in the CD drive and decoder for long life and reliable operation. Special care has been taken to optimise the CD73s master clock design for extremely low jitter, whilst the main circuit board is now double sided, using carefully tuned analogue filters with audiophile quality components in all critical areas.

The player also comes with a substantial power transformer and six separately regulated power supplies. Damping is applied to certain key components, which we have found to be subject to microphonic effects. Both optical and coaxial digital outputs are included for connection to an external DAC or digital recorder. The CD192 incorporates Arcams new Upsampling MultiDAC Module, with an Analog Devices asynchronous sample rate converter used to upsample the 16 bit 44.1 kHz CD data to 24 bit 192 kHz data. Although this cannot add new information to that already on the CD, this technique allows much gentler filters to be used downstream with a palpable improvement in sound quality. No less than four Wolfson WM8740s running at 192 kHz are used for the digital to analogue conversion process. In keeping with our well established practice of offering our customers an upgrade path whenever practical, you can upgrade the CD73 to the CD192 specification in the future.

High performance Arcam CD player
High performance Wolfson 24-bit DACs

Kaina: 300 €
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