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PINK FLOYD Animals 77m 60lt
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon 73muk 70lt
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here 75 ger 5Olt
URIAH HEEP Very Eavy 70m ger 40lt
URIAH HEEP Conquest 80m ger 40lt
BLACK SABBATH Technical Ecstasy 76m ger 40lt
THE ROLLING STONES Rolled Gold The Very Best Of 75m uk 60lt
FRANK DUVAL If I Could Fly Away 83m ger 30lt
SCORPIONS Love At First Sting 84 ger 30lt
MICHAEL JACKSON Bad 87m uk 30lt
MICHAEL JACKSON Thriller 82m uk 30lt
SECRET SERVICE Greatest Hits 82m swe 50lt
LAID BACK Keep Smiling 83m 45lt
DEPECHE MODE Construction Time Again 83m ger 35lt
ALICE COOPER Raise Your Fist And Yell 87m ger 30lt
ALICE COOPER From The Inside 77 ger 35lt
QUEEN A Day At The Races 76m hol 35lt
QUEEN I 73m us 40lt
MOODY BLUES The Other Side Of Life 86m ger 30lt
LAU GRAMM Ready Or Not 87m us 40lt
MIKE OLDFIELD Discovery 84m ger 30lt
ROGER GLOVER Mask 84m ger 40lt
IGGY POP Blah Blah Blah 86m uk 30lt
MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless 92m 30lt
YES Big Generator87m ger 30lt
ROBIN GIBB Secret Agent 84m ger 30lt
DEN HARROW Lies 88m ger 30lt
ELO Time 81m hol 30lt
GARY MOORE Run For Cover 85m ger 30lt
BEE GEES Spirits Having Flown 79m uk 30lt
ABBA 75M uk 20lt
CUTTING CREW Broadcast 86m ger 30lt
TAYLOR DAYNE Tell It To My Heart 87m 25lt
THE GLITTER BAND Hey 74m ger 25lt
CHICAGO X 76m hol 20lt
ROD STEWART Body Wiishes 83m ger 25lt
VAN HALEN 5150 86M 20LT
KROKUS Change Of Address 86m ger 30lt
KROKUS Metal Rendez-Vouz 80m ger 30lt
BERLIN Pleasure Victim 82m us 20lt
A-HA Scoundrel Days 86m ger 25lt
BONEY M 20 Golden Hits 80m uk 25lt
JIM HORN Neon Nights 88m us 25lt
STANLEY TURRENTINE Have You Ever Seen The Rain 75m us 25lt
THE BEAUTIFUL EARTH JAZZ BAND The Feelings Mutual 86m us 25lt
MAYNARD FERGUSON M.F.Horn 67m us 25lt
TIM WEISBERG Listen To The City 75m us 25lt
BLACK SABBATH The Eternal Idol 87m hol 40lt
SECRET SERVICE Oh Susie 80m ger 45lt
SANTANA Caravanserai 72m hol 30lt
SLADE Rogues Gallery 85m ger 40lt
URIAH HEEP The Besr Of 75m ger 35lt
THE ROLLING STONES Love You Live 77m ger 45lt
NAZARETH Loud N Proud 74m ger 50lt
NAZARETH Rampant 74 ger 50lt
NAZARETH Play N The Game 76m ger 50
DEEP PURPLE Perfect Stranger 84 ger 35lt
ALCATRAZZ No Parole From Rock N Roll 83m us 35lt
ACCEPT Balls To The Wall 84m us 40lt
BOB DYLAN Infidels 83m hol 25lt
DAVID BOWIE The Best Of 80m uk25l
DONNA SUMMER Another Place And Time 88m ger 20lt
DONNA SUMMER Greatest Hits Vol.One 79m us 20lt
ASIA Alpha 83m us 25lt
RE-FLEX The Politics Of Dancing 83m ger 20lt
LAKE Voices 85m ger 20lt
KAOMA Worldbeat 89m hol 20lt
GAZEBO A Like Chopin 83 ger40lt
SLADE Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply 84m us 40lT
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Face To Face 87m ger 25lt
ROXETTE Look Sharp 88m 30lt
CHEAP TRICK Dream Police 79m hol 30lt
BOB DYLAN Desire 75 us 40lt
BOSTON 76m hol 25lt
STYX Cornerstone 79m hol 25lt
FRANK DUVAL Greatest Hits 86m ger 30lt
JUDAS PRIEST Ram It Down 88m uk 40lt
DIO Intermission 86m uk 40lt
KINGDOM COME 88m uk 40lt
UFO No Place To Run 80m us 40lt
THE ROLLING STONES Unndercover 83m uk 40lt
EAGLES Hotel California 76m 30lt
DEEP PURPLE 24 Carat Purple 72m ger35 lt
JOHN LENNON Double Fantasy 80m us 40lt
FOREIGNER Double Vision 78m ger 25lt
FOREIGNER Head Games 79m ger 25lt
QUEEN Hot Space 81m us 35lt
TANGERINE DREAM Phaedra 73m uk 30lt
JAN GILLAN BAND Scrabus uk 35lt
STRANGLERS The Raven 79m ger 30lt
WHITESNAKE 87m uk 35lt
SADE Promise 85m uk 30lt
MODERN TALKING Story 87m ger 25lt
JEAN LUC PONTY Mystical Adventures 82m ger 15lt
THE JAZ ROCK ALBUM 77m RTB jug 2xlp 30lp
DURAN DURAN Notorious 86m us 25lt
COCTEAU TWINS Treasure 84m zona 20lt
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Welcome To The Pleasuredome 84m 2xlp 30lt
KISS Crazy Nights 87m us 35lt
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Trilogy 72m uk35lt
THE JOHN LENNON Collection 82m uk 25lt
CHRIS REA On The Beach 86m ger 30lt
ICEHAUSE Sidewalk 84m 25lt
JASON DONOVAN The Good Reasons 88m uk 20lt
BACCARA 77m ger 15lt
STEVIE NICKS Rock A little 85m uk 25lt
BINO Mama Leone 78m ger 20lt
CLOUT Six Of The Best 79 ger 20lt
STARSHIP No Protection 87m ger 25lt
CAT STEVENS Tea For The Tillerman ger 20lt
SHARPE NUMAN Automatic 89m uk 30lt
THOMPSON TWINS Into Hhe Gap 84m ger 20lt
DURAN DURAN 81m uk 25lt
THE LITTLE HEROES Watch The World 83 m us 25lt
EARTH,WIND &Fire Electric Universe 83m hol 20lt
GEORGE BAKER SELECTION Paloma Blanca 75m ger 20lt
FRUTCAKE We Are Children 81m hol 25lt
VISION FIELDS 88m ger25lt
INKER & HAMILTON Dancing Into Danger 88m ger 20LT
TINA TURNER Foreign Affair 89 uk 20lt
NAZARETH Greatest Hits 75m 40lt
VIDEO KIDS Inbvasion Of The Spacepeckers ger 85m
SECRET SERVICE Ye Si Ca 81m ger 45lt
CANNED HEAT The Wery Best Of 75m ger 20lt
ACCEPT 79m ger 35lt
STYX The Grand Illusion 77m uk 35lt
BOB DYLANS Greatest Hits 67m hol 30lt
SUPERTRAMP Brother Where You Bound 85m ger 40lt
SUPERTRAMP Free As Bird 87m 40lt
RAINBOW Rising 76m uk 40lt
KANSAS Song For America 75m hol 25lt
MODERN TALKING Ready For Romance 86m ger 30lt
MODERN TALKING Lets Talk About Love 85m ger 30lt
TRANS X Living On Video 86m us 40lt
MOTI SPECIAL Motivation 85m ger 30lt
KIM WILDE Teases & Dares 84m ger 25lT
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The River 80m ger 35lt 2xlp
ERASURE Wild 89m uk 25lt
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Electric Universe 83m uk 25lt
SALLY OLDFIELD Water Bearer 78m ger 20lt
JON ANDERSON Animation 82m ger 25lt
DURAN DURAN 81m uk25lt
AFRIC SIMONE muza pol 20lt
JASON DONOVAN Ten Good Reasons 88m uk20lt
U2 Rattle And Hum 88m uk 2 lp 40lt
JUDAS PRIEST Point Of Entry 81m uk 40lt
WASP The Headless Children 89m uk 40lt
STARSHIP No Protection 87m us 25lt
HOOTERS Nervous Night 85m us 25lt
IQ Nomzamo 87m uk 40lt
THE STRANGLERS Feline 82m uk30lt
1927 ...ISH 88m can 25lt
1927 The Other Side 90m ger 25lt
THE CARS Greatest Hits 85m ger 30lt
OPUS Live Is Live 84m ger 30lt
BERLIN Count three & Pray 86m hol 30lt
FRIDA Somethings Going On 82m ger 25lt
PETER GABRIEL 77m ger 25lt
JOAN BAEZ ger 15lt
REAL LIFE Heart Land 83m fra 35lt
ALBANO & ROMINA POWER Felicita 82m ger 30lt
RUSH Signals 82m ger 30lt
JOE COCKER Cocker 86m ger 25lt
GEORGE MICHEL Listen Without Prejudice 90m uk 30lt
LITTLE RIVER BAND It s A Long Way There 78m ger 20lt
TEARS FOR FEARS Songs From The Big Chair 85m hol 20lt
U2 The Unforgettable Fire 84m ger 25lt
THE BUGGLES The Age Of Plastic 80m ger 40lt
CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG Deje Vu 70m us 40lt
ERIC CLAPTON Backless 78m us 30lt
DIRE STRAITS 78m ger 25lt
DIRE STRAITS Love Over Gold 82m ger 25lt
SUPERTRAMP Crisis What Crisis 75m uk30lt
SHOOTING STAR Silent Scream 85mger 20lt
NEW REGIME 85m ger 25lt
JON AND VANGELIS Private Collections 83m ger 20lt
ICEHAUSE Measure For Measure 86m ger 25lt
FRAMPTON Breaking All The Rules 81m hol 20lt
RATTLES Rattles Hits ger20LT
AMANDA LEAR Sweet revenge 78m ger 20lt
AMANDA LEAR I Am A Photograph 77m ger 20lt
AGNETHA FALTSKOG Wrap Yoyr Arms Around Me 83mger 25lt
VARDIS The World s Insane 81m ger 20lt
F-R DAVID Words 82m ger 50LT
QUEEN Greatest Hits 81m uk 30lT
THE TROGGS The Vintage Years 76m 2 Lp us 40lt
FLASH AND THE PAN Early Morning Wake Up Call 85m hol 30LT
ALICE COOPER Trash uk 35lt
HELLO Their Greatest Hits 77m ger 35lt
FOREIGNER 4 81m ger 25lt
FOREIGNER 84m ger 25lt
RUSH Hold Your Fire 87m hol 30lt
MANFRED MANNS EARTH BAND Angel Station 79m gee 30lt
RIC OCASEK Beatitude 82m uk 30lt
THE CARS Door To Door 87m us 35lt
CLANNAD Pastoresent 89m ger 25lt
ROXY MUSIC Avalon 82m ger 25lt
GEORGE MICHAEL Faith 87m uk 20lt
KAYAK Phantom O f The Night 78m ger20lT
STACEY Q Nights Like This 89m us 20ltt
ABBA Thank You For The Music 83m uk 25lt
RANDY NEWMAN Born Again 79m hol 15lt
10CC How Dare You 75m uk 25lt
JULIAN LLOYD WEBBER Travels With My Cello 84m hol 15lt
CULTURE CLUB Kissing To Be Clever 82m uk20lt
KATE BUSH Never For Ever 80m ger 20lt
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Gone To Earth 77m ger 20lt
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Octoberon 76m uk 25lt
BARCLAY JEMES HARVEST Everyone Is Everybody Else 74m uk 25lt
ROGER CHRISTIAN Checkmate 89m ger 20lt
BRYAN FERRY The Ultimae Collection 88m ger 25lt
BRYAN FERRY Lets Stick Together 76m uk30l
MIKE OLDFIELD Crises 83m ger 20lt
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born To Run75m uk 30lt
BONEY M. Nightelight To Venus 78m ger 15lt
TALK TALK The Parys Over 82m uk 30lt
VANGELIS Chariots Of Fire 81m uk 15lt
RICK SPRINGFIELD Living In Oz 83m ger 25lt
RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao 85m ger 25lt
JON ANDERSON Olias Of Sun hillow 76m uk 25lt
ICEHOUSE Primitive Man 82m ger 25lt
TEARS FOR FEARS The Burting 83m ger 25lt
HOOTERS Zig Zag 89m hol 25lt
THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT The Turn Of A Friendly Card 79m ger 25lt
CHRIS DE BURG The Wery Best Of 84m uk 20lt
SAGA 78m ger 25lt
THE BUOYS hol 15lt
1994 78M US 15LT
YAZZ Wanted 88m ger 15lt
FICTION FACTORY Throw The Warped Wheel Out 84m hol 45lt
KANSAS Point Of Know Return 77m u
MONTROSE Paper Money 74m uk 30lt
U2 War 83m ger25lt
FLEETWOOD MAC Rumours 77m ger 25lt
DIRE STRAITS Communique 79m uk 25lt
SADE Diamond Life 84m hol 25lt
THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Allan Poe 15lt
MATT BIANCO Whose Side AreYou On 84m ger 20ll
GENESIS 83m 25lt
THE CARS Heartbeat City 84m ger 30lt
RUSH Power Windows 85m us 30LT
FLASH AND THE PAN Headlines 82m swe 30LT
ROD STEWART ANight On The Town 76m ger 20lt
KIM WILDE Close 88m uk 25lt
KIM WILDE 81m ger20lt
KIM WILDE Catch As Catch Can 83m hol 20lt
JOAN BAEZ ger 15lt
NEIL DIAMOND Woeld Hits 74m ger 15lt
NEIL DIAMOND Jonathan Livingston Seagull 73m uk 20lt
NEIL DIAMOND I M Glad You Re Here With Me Tonight 77M HOL 15LTt
ULTRAVOX The Collection 84m ger 30lt
MOTLEY CRUE Dr Feelgood 89m ger 30lt
BUCKS FIZZ Are You Ready 82m ger 20lt
U 2 The Joshua Tree 87m ger 30lt
SAGA Behaviour 85m ger 20ll
REO SPEEDWAGON Life As We Know It 87m hol 20lt
SALLY OLDFIELD Celebration 80m sp 15lt
ROXY MUSIC Flesh 80m uk 20lt
GEORGE BENSON Give Me The Night 80m uk 25lt
SAMANTHA FOX Touch Me 86m ger 25lt
ENGELBERT In LIiebe 88m ger 15lt
ENGELBERT Dreaming Traumen Mit Engelbert
KATE BUSH Lionheart 78m uk 20lt
ABBA The Album 77m ger 15lt
MANFRED MANN S EARTH BAND Watch 78m ger 25lt
BON JOVI Slippery When Wet 86m uk 25
CHRIS DE BURGH Far Beyond TheseCASTLE Walls 75m us 15lt
KYLIE MINOGUE Enjoy Yourself 89m uk 20lt
ALBERT HAMMOND The Free Electric Band 73m hol 15lt
GENESIS Duke 80m 20lt
DIRE STRAITS Brothers In Arms 85m 30lt
SUZANNE VEGA 85m uk 20lt
CHRIS DE BURGH Spanish Train And Other Stories 75m uk 15lt
BARRY MANILOW Manilow Magic 83m ger 15lt
ALBERT HAMMOND The Free Electric Band 73m 15lt
BRONSKI BEAT Smalltown Boy 84m uk 10lt maxi single
E L O Xanadu 80m hol 20lt
RICHARD MARX Repeat Offender 89m hol 20lt
BAY CITY ROLLERS ItS A Game 77m 20lt
THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT Ammonia Avenue 83m20lt
DURAN DURAN Rio 82m uk 25lt
PAT BENATAR Live From Earth 83m ger 20lt
SIMPLE MINDS Street Fighting Years 89m ger 20lt
NICK KAMEN 87mger 25lt
10CC Greatest Hits 75m uk25lt
LUCIO BATTIST Io Tu Noi Tutti 77m 1
STEVIE WONDER Love Songs 84m fra 15lt
THE NEW SEEKERS WeD Like To Teach The World To Sing 71m us 15lt
THE NEW SEEKERS Now 73m 15lt
JENNIFER RUSH Movin 85m hol 15lt
JENNIFER RUSH Heart Over Mind 87m hol 15lt
NEIL YOUNG Harvest 72m 15lt
ALICE Azimut 82m ger 15lt
DEBBIE GIBSON Electric Youth 89m ger 15lt
LIONEL RICHIE Can T Slow Down 83m ger 15lt
PAUL SIMON Graceland 86m 10lt
LONZO Heftig 80mger 10lt
HISTORY/ America s Greatest Hits 75m 10LT
SMOKIE Greatest Hits 77m ger 20lt
SINDI LAUPER True Colors 86m hol 20lt
JOHNNY HATES JAZZ Turn Back The Jazz 88m uk 25lt
ALISON MOYET Raindancing 87m hol 20lt
T`PAU Bridge Of Spies 87m ger 15lt
PAT BENATAR Wide Awake In Dreamland 88m uk 20lt
GERRY RAFFERTY City To City ger 15lt
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Pictures At An Exhibition 71m ger 20lt
ABBA Arrival 76m ger 15lt
ABBA Greates hits 76m uk 20lt
ABBA Greates hits vol.2 79m ger 15lt
ABBA Voulez-Vous 79m ger 10LT
THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT Piramid 78m ger 20lt
BOSTON 78m us 20lt
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Rinkinys us 15lt
CHRIS DE BURGH Flying Colours 88 uk 20lt
PAUL YOUNG No Parlez 83m hol 15lt
ELO Discovery 79m UK 25lt
JAN AND VANGELIS Short Stories 79m uk 20lt
GENESIS And Then There Three 78m ger 20lt
GENESIS Foxtrot ger 20lt
YES Going for the one 77m us 20lt
KATE BUSH The Kick Inside 78m uk25lt
MARILLION Misplaced childhood 85m eec 25lt
THE POLICE Outlandos D Amour 79m us 25lt
THE POLICE Synchronicity 83m uk 25lt
THE POLICE Reggatta De Blanc 79m us 25lL
KAYAK Merlin 81m hol 15lt
DURAN DURAN Seven And The Ragged Tiger uk 83m 20lt
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN S Greatest Hits 76m 15lt
RICK WAKEMAN The myths and legends of king Arthur and the knights of the round table 75m uk 30LT
SKY Sky 2 80m ger 2lp 30lt
SUPERTRAMP Famous Last Words 82m uk 25
SUPERTRAMP Breakfest in America 79m hol 20 lt
SUPERTRAMP Crime Of The Century 74m hol 20lt
TALK TALK It S My Life 84m 20lt
PHIL COLLINS But Seriously 89 ger 25lt
PHIL COLLINS No Jacket Reguired 85uk 20lt
PHIL COLLINS Face Value 81m ger 20lt
PHIL COLLINS Hello I Must Be Going 82m uk 20lt
BANANARAMA The Greatest Hits Collection 88m uk 15lt
NEIL DIAMOND The Jazz Singer 80m us 15lt
WISHBONE ASH The Original 77m ger 10lt
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