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Garinė orkaitė Aeg Bs7304021m

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This AEG MaxiKlasse Steam Oven offers a healthier way to prepare food

Combining the benefits of steam cooking with innovative features, this AEG BS7304021M MaxiKlasse Steam Oven will cook food brilliantly, retaining more nutrition, flavour and texture than standard methods.

The generous 73l capacity oven comes with a number of features to provide professional-grade cooking the exclusive ThermiC function ensures an accurate temperature that is circulated throughout the oven effectively, and the Core Temperature sensor plugs directly into the AEG BS7304021M itself to precisely monitor your food, shutting the oven off once the desired temperature has been reached.

Electronic touch-controls enable you to set a multitude of different options, including cooking time, temperature, and mode 25 pre-programmed recipes have been included to allow for easy, hassle-free cooking of a range of meals. Additionally, the exclusion of physical buttons creates a stylish, sleek aesthetic that will look great in any contemporary kitchen.

Other features included are the Inclined FloodLight, which is positioned at the front of the oven - angled to best illuminate your food, and the diamond-glazed enamel interior, which is resistant to stains and easily cleanable.

This AEG BS7304021M MaxiKlasse Steam Oven delivers all the nutritional benefits of steam cooking, a host of unique features, and an A energy rating.

Kaina: 425 €

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