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Img Stageline Psub415sw Pab410sw Monacor Audio

Monacor Professional Audio
Img Stageline Psub415/sw Pab410/sw
Kaip naujas!
Звучат мощно и очень комфортно!
Прекрасный плотный бас!
Субы построены по принципу рупора, усиливает давление баса
Плюс два качественных провода соединяющих суб и сателлиты "Neutrik"

Galiu atvežti į Baltarusiją!
Galiu atvežti bet kokią profesionalią muzikinę aparatūrą ir muzikinius instrumentus pagal užsakymą.

Img Stageline Psub415 Monacor Professional Audio
The subwoofers of the 400 series from IMG Stage Line feature a phenomenal powerful sound with perfectly dosed low bass frequencies, ideally meeting the requirements of modern music in all PA and disco applications. The special horn resonator design of the bass-reflex channels guarantees a maximum linear response of the reproduction with highest dynamic efficiency and of minimum distortion. The cabinets are still as compact in size as the power capability of the subwoofers allows for.PA and DJ cabinet subwoofer, 1,500WMAX, 8 With its high power capability, this subwoofer in a cabinet with black textured coating completes effectively every PA and DJ/disco system. The combination of the absolute top-class 38cm (15") bass speaker of the Blue Components series from IMG Stage Line with a thoroughly optimised horn resonator bass-reflex cabinet leads to a precise but tremendously powerful bass reproduction with excellent efficiency for a reproduction of such low bass frequencies. When combining two PSUB-415 subwoofers, an optimum effect is achieved if the cabinets are stacked in such a way that the bass speakers are turned to each other in an angular way. A crossover network is integrated for an easy combination with top units. Depending on the configuration used, the feed-through output provides the full range signal (1+ and 1- for the connection of large top parts or parallel operation of two PSUB-415 subwoofers) or a high-pass filter >150Hz (2+ and 2- for the connection of smaller top parts). However, the operation via an extra amplifier with an active crossover network connected in series is generally recommended in order to fully utilise the very high power capability and quality of this subwoofer. Stand sleeve on the upper side, metal carrying handles, SPEAKON connections.

Img Stageline Pab410/sw Monacor Professional Audio
The 400 series from IMG Stage Line defines an especially interesting class in the speaker technology for DJs and discotheques. Perfectly developed to meet the requirements of mobile applications, of compact size but nevertheless still powerful enough for stable stationary applications. Very high efficiency and perfect sound due to the use of high-quality bass-midrange speakers with aluminium diecast basket and crossover networks of highest quality developed for superior requirements. Top design with robust textured coating and hexagon grille!

PA and DJ speaker system, 400WMAX, 8

MDF trapezoid cabinet with black textured coating. Bass-reflex speaker system of high power capability with a 25cm (10") bass-midrange speaker and a dynamic horn tweeter, very linear frequency response. For full utilisation of its power capability, a subwoofer support is recommended. Especially suitable for mobile applications, lateral carrying handles and strap handle on the upper side. Stand sleeve. Excellent sound, without subwoofer also suitable for background music and voice transmissions of good level stability.

Kaina: 499 €

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