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Joby Action Battery Grip, Go Pro laikiklis camera,

Naujas Go Pro kameros laikiklis, baterija. 3 Kartus ilgiau galėsite filmuoti, fotografuoti, pakrauti telefoną, galima naudoti ir kitoks kameroms Sony ir kitoms, galima pakrauti išmanujį telefną, yra adapteris prijungti kitoms kameroms, nebutinai Go Pro. Kompaktiškas, patogus, ergonimiškas daiktas.

Joby Action Battery Grip

With the GoPro-friendly Joby Action Battery Grip (and mount) you can triple the battery life of your camera while keeping things lightweight and compact. Dont worry about running out of power midway through a shoot. You even can use it to charge your smartphone or any other accessory on location (and use your smartphone to shoot video).

Small Size

Grip is only 6 inches long as used on GoPro, 7 inches with 1/4"-20 adapter for Sony / other action cam.


Keep things nimble with one of the lightest battery grips on the market at only 164g.

Quality Electronics

Engineered with both NTC thermistor and protecting IC to safeguard against battery overcharge and short circuit.

Capacity to Go

Charge your GoPro or phone multiple times or shoot while connected to triple your shooting time.

Joby Action Battery Grip Features:

Triple the life of your action cam. This grip has a built-in battery that can re-charge your action camera fully two times while youre out on your adventure.
Comes with USB charging cable. A shorter cord makes it easy to charge your GoPro while in use. Even charge any accessory - including your smartphone.
Resizable tether for an added and secure hold. The removable wrist strap provides extra security against drops.
Bottom 14"-20 mount for numerous mounting options. Mount to a tripod for an eye-level, hands-free set-up, or to the UltraPlate 208 to create a powered mini rig.
Works with any action cam with 14"-20 design. Comes with built-in, standard GoPro mount and thumbscrew, plus includes a top pin for use with any other action camera (14"-20 screw).

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