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The 30 Day Mba in Business Finance

Parduodama mokomoji knyga "The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance". Leidybos metai 2016 m. (254 psl.). Kalba: anglų.

"The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance" knyga skirta ekonomistams, vadybininkams bei bei visiems, kas domisi verslo finansais bei strateginiu verslo finansų planavimu.

Mokomosios knygos turinys:

1. Financial business reports
2. The rules of the game
3. Analysing financial reports
4. Finance as a value creator
5. The role of business structures in financing business
6. Debt finance
7. Equity
8. Risk management
9. Business tax and profit reporting procedures
10. Mergers and acquisitions
11. Business plans and budgets
12. Additional core general MBA subjects

Apie knygą:

This second edition The 30Day MBA in Business Finance draws on the 12 fundamental disciplines that form the basis of the modern MBA finance course and explains the key financial tools and concepts you need to assess business situations and make successful decisions. This will keep you up to speed with the very latest thinking and teaching in finance from the world‘s top business schools and ensure you are able to eliminate gaps in your finance and accounting knowledge.

This new edition has been entirely revised and updated and includes new case studines to iliustrate concepts or tools that feature businesses like HP, TomTom, Shell and more.With more practical tools than ever, The 30Day MBA in Business Finance will enable you to:
start to think like a financial strategist
understand financial reports, principles and procedures
know how to raise finance and assess the creditworthiness of potencial business partners
revise for your exams if you exams if you are studyng for a finance or business.
With extensive coverage of the essential topics in three areas – the fundamentals of business finance, corporate capital structures and financial strategies - The 30Day MBA in Business Finance will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to take part in strategic and financial decisions alongside MBA graduates, and compete both at work and in business.

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